8th International Conference on Neurology and Epidemiology

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Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone:

For technical inquiries during the conference opening times:
Email:  info@ianeneurology.org

If you have any log in problems:
Email: info@ianeneurology.org
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If you are a speaker or moderator and need help with your session, please contact us at  Email:  info@ianeneurology.org


Most frequent questions and answers

As based on the reduced cost and the limited resources for the participation to the on-line event, we expect a significantly increased number of participants. We expect to get around 500 delegates around the World.

All participants will be allowed to address questions. The recommended method is through the Chat. In each session, a group composed by the Session Chair, speakers and experts will also have the possibility to speak, present and interact.

Presenters may choose to present their content form their device (PC, Tablet, Laptop) by sharing themselves their screen; in this case, they’ll have full control on what is shown. As an alternative, as a director will be following each session, the presenter or the Chair may ask for his support.

IT support will be offered during each session by an IT expert joining each session. To troubleshoot, you just have to ask for support during the chat.