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Dear Colleagues,


Allow me to declare that According to the cooperation protocol between the PAFSSH and the universities of Sohag and Assiut, This virtual symposium will be held on November 20-21, with a large participation of professors from Egyptian and Arab universities.


On this occasion, on behalf of the General Secretariat and the President of the PAFSSH, we gladly invite our colleagues, hand surgeons in Arab countries and friendly countries, to join us to benefit from their experience, which will be a great addition to the participating doctors and in the interest of serving our patients.


Allow me to thank everyone who supported this work, and in particular the official sponsors of the conference. Dr. Ahmed Aziz, President of Sohag University, and Prof. Dr. Tariek El-Gamal, President of Assiut University, Prof. Dr. Osama Abdel Hay, Secretary General of the Arab Medical Union, and Prof. Dr. Nizar Mahjoub, President of the African Society for Surgery of the Hand , and Prof. Dr. Bouchaib Zryouil, President of the Pan-Arab Federation of Societies for Surgery of the hand.


We also like to thank all our lecturers and moderators for their commendable efforts in order to make this work a success. Great thanks to the Conference chairman, Scientific and Organizing Committees. Special thanks to the all colleagues, for their honorable attendance, and the working team of the organizing company led by Mr. Stephane Talboom. Thanks to the pharmaceutical companies that support this activity.


Finally, I hope that we will be able to end the pandemic, Coved 19, soon, to hold our scientific activities face to face in an atmosphere of friendship and safety,


Best regards,


Dr Fouad Asal
Secretary general of the PAFSSH

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